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Advanced eCommerce Summit on Marketing Techniques

Date: August 03, 2017; Type: Virtual Event

It’s our new VIRTUAL summit where we got together top industry experts to discuss conversion of online store visitors though different techniques and strategies.

On practical examples, you'll learn how to better use channel marketing, what are the best options to dramatically decrease the shopping cart abandonment rate and what are the must-have and data-driven marketing tools an online store can’t grow without.

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Advanced eCommerce Summit 

Date: April 26, 2017; Type: Virtual Event

This summit will dive deep into how to use data to develop customer marketing campaigns for commerce stores. After 1 billion dollars in transactions, we’ve learned what matters and are sharing that with the audience.

We’ll have speakers that cover advanced email marketing, respect pop-ups and retaining customers for life at a store.

Understanding The Real Interests Of Website Visitors

Date: March 23, 2017; Type: Virtual Event

After 10 years of analysing customer behaviour, we've decided to open our data vault and share why website visitors do what they do, and our best secrets for converting them into customers that keep coming back.

We'll teach which tools are best to use to convert based on real data you're already recording on your customers based on these behaivor buckets.

Featured Publications

The Secret Of Online eCommerce Success – Respect For The Visitor

83%. Exactly that many people of the 5,000 surveyed called lack of respect towards them the main reason for going somewhere else to shop. Out of 5,000 customers, 4,150 are not likely to make a purchase or come back to you for a new purchase if they feel unappreciated.

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How Much Profit Your Ecommerce Store Is Missing Because Of Your Marketing

Today, every customer needs a custom interaction to encourage buying a product online. But with marketers painting broad strokes over their audiences, the art of personalized communication, and with it, respect has been lost. Businesses don’t take the time respect to their customers in an attempt to increase profit, and it hurts them in the long run.

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The Quickest Way To Drive Customers Away

Ecommerce store owners are all fishermen by nature. Marketing managers and webmasters spend time, money and effort getting new customers to the checkout page. Each marketing channel is a new fishing spot, and to make sure each trip is successful, they buy new equipment and read lots of manuals on how get more people to buy.

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How to Lose a Million.  Our Experiment with Email Marketing

It would seem obvious: if you send an email to a visitor of your online store, then bother to ensure it contains products that matching interests of each recipient, those he was looking at the website (or, at least, related products). Mass emailing without considering the visitor’s behavior and shopping path — is the loss of part of the profit. Obvious? Yes! Do all online retailers follow it? No!

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Featured Instruments

Mobile SmartOffer -  How to Increase Profitability of Your Mobile Traffic

With the mobile traffic growing so fast, online retailers should use any possibility to interact with those visitors and deploy marketing instruments focused on mobile visitors.  Proper use of such dedicated instruments and targeted motivation may bring to a retailer additional 15-20% of sales!  

This is there Mobile SmartOffer by LeadHit adds value!

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